As business owners of a payment processing company, we have many decisions to make in our day and it seems fairly common as I talk to other entrepreneurs that if something isn’t broke, it isn’t priority. The same is true when looking for payment processing solutions. Many times when we establish a new relationship with a  merchant it is because they are unhappy with their current relationship and have a pain point they are trying to resolve.


Luckily, we are problem solvers and love helping our clients find solutions that work for them. After all, payment processing really is the nervous system of a business.  A business offers value in exchange for compensation. Without a robust payment provider they find themselves in a painful situation. That is where we come in. And I am proud to say that our clients STAY!


Merchants stay with Prime Payment Processing because we build a personal relationship out of a commodity business. We’re Business owners ourselves with over 20 years of experience solving tough problems just like theirs. As a broker agent since 2001, we have more customizable solutions that are safe, secure and less expensive; we customize to fit their need. Not ours. We can safely transition a new merchant within 48 hours taking away the frustrations and confusion they may feel with your current provider. .


Client referrals and testimonials of our happy clients is music to our ears. Here are a few of our raving fans:


Jeanette Bennett, Owner/Editor, Utah Valley Magazine

“I’ve worked with Jessica Devenish for more than a decade, and I consider her a trusted colleague and a dear friend. To her, customer service means strong relationships with clients. I consider myself fortunate to have her directing my merchant services, and I don’t plan to take my business anywhere else.”


Heidi Hadley, Managing Owner, Airtime Training Center

“Our company has been with Fuel. since 2005.  One of things I love about them is their customer service.  If I ever have a question, concern or problem, they get right on it.  I feel like they really care about us and our company. We have daily phone calls from other merchant account providers who swear they can beat the price we are at.  I tell them we aren’t interested in changing because I KNOW they can’t beat our rates and the fabulous customer service we receive from Fuel.”


Chris Mitton, CFO Fishbowl Inventory

“At Fishbowl Inventory we use FUEL Payment Processing internally! We were told the approval and onboarding process would be smooth – and the experience far EXCEEDED our expectations.”


Jessica Devenish Business Card

Jessica Devenish Back of Business Card