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Devenish Duo

Kelly and Jessica Devenish live in the beautiful Mountain West where they enjoy endless outdoor activities with their five children and extended family while serving their loyal clients.

They don’t subscribe to the frustrating pursuit of work-life balance as so many do today. They live their life 24/7/365 no matter what they’re doing. They live life on purpose and with purpose, personally and professionally. Those they touch are beneficiaries of the energy they exude.

Part of the reason Kelly and Jessica are top performers in their careers is because they’re multi-faceted, successful people in all areas of their lives. They understand it’s not possible to be at the top of their game in some facets of their lives while falling short in others. It’s all on and all in, all the time with Kelly and Jessica.

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Kelly Devenish

On any given week, you’ll find Kelly on one of many different adventure machines on dirt or in snow, hiking to spot game for an upcoming hunt, or dedicating time to serve family, friends, and clients—always with a smile…always ready to go the extra mile. Kelly brings his hardcore work ethic to the game every day, and all those he serves are recipients of his vision, drive, and care.

Jessica Devenish

Jessica’s world is a focused pursuit of excellence—not just for herself, but for the many who look to her as an example, sister, friend, mother, and more. Highly astute in business from a young age, Jessica has been a loyal leader in multiple companies as she serves others in making and keeping more money, achieving personal fulfillment, and living life holistically as she does.

It’s all connected—work, family, fun, and success—with this powerhouse couple. When the Devenish Duo is in your corner, you’re gonna win, no matter the task at hand. That’s a promise those of us who know Kelly and Jessica best can make without reservation. We’ve lived this reality, and invite you to come inside and enjoy these benefits for yourself.

An unsolicited collective narrative from the comments of friends, family, and business associates as compiled by a long-time colleague of Kelly and Jessica

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