Payment Processing
Isn't Sexy...

... yet putting more money in your pocket more quickly is pretty darn exciting. That's what we do. And we do it well.

A Little of Our Story

Preserving Relationships

Over 20 years ago when we got into this business, we brought a secret weapon with us. We came from a highly successful, 30-year-old, family-owned collection agency with a unique approach: get our clients’ their money while preserving the relationship between them and their slow-paying customers. That was a tough gig! And we shined at making it happen.

Our Story

Company Values

End-to-end Service

We believe every relationship in the value chain is important—a core value that has served us and our clients well in the payment processing arena as we manage relationships end-to-end in the process.

We live, love, laugh, work, and play as a family. And that family includes our clients.

Giving freely of our decades of experience in improving cash flow for our clients is our playground. It’s more than just getting you the best rates (which we also do, of course). 

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The Prime Payment Guarantee

The best solution for your needs, providing seamless service that allows you to focus on your core business, and being there when you need us. Count on direct contact with the Prime Payment owners and a relationship that makes your payment processing needs an invisible, smooth-moving component in your cash flow machine.

NO customer service calls to foreign countries
NO fast-talking salespeople
NO broken promises

We've used Prime Payment Processing for years and we don’t have enough good things to say. Always quick to respond with questions, we couldn’t ask for better service. In all the years we’ve used them we have honestly NEVER had a problem everything has always been smooth.

Mike PetersonOwner, Critical Laser

Our company has been with Prime since 2005. One of things I love about them is their customer service. If I ever have a question, concern or problem, they get right on it. I feel like they really care about us and our company. We have daily phone calls from other merchant account providers who swear they can beat the price we are at. I tell them we aren't interested in changing because I KNOW they can't beat our rates and the fabulous customer service we receive.

Heidi HadleyManaging Owner, Airtime Training Center

I've worked with Jessica Devenish for more than a decade, and I consider her a trusted colleague and a dear friend. To her, customer service means strong relationships with clients. I consider myself fortunate to have her directing my merchant services, and I don't plan to take my business anywhere else.

Jeanette BennettOwner/Editor, Utah Valley Magazine

One of the best changes we ever made was switching to “checknet” or “Prime”….They saved us a lot of money and always go the extra mile when it comes to customer service.

Brian NicholsCascade Collision Repair

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